Kaleidoscope Open Education Leadership

The Kaleidoscope governance process was created to support healthy growth: engaging new partners, expanding the course designs, and increasing efficacy. To this end, we have created a Board that guides and facilitates growth, and a leadership team that is open to all participating organizations.

The Kaleidoscope Board

The Board is charged with guiding and facilitating healthy growth. The Board is elected by the Kaleidoscope Leadership Team, allowing the project to elect individuals from within or outside the community.

M.L. Bettino, Palo Verde College (Term ending December 2014)

Norman Bier, Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative (Term ending December 2013)

Marty Christofferson, Tompkins Cortland Community College (Term ending December 2014)

Cable Green, Creative Commons (Term ending December 2013)

M.S. Vijay Kumar, MIT (Term ending December 2013)

Charles Snare, Chadron State College (Term ending December 2014)

Kim Thanos, Lumen (Term ending December 2014)

The Kaleidoscope Leadership Team (KLT)

The KLT is an open group. We encourage a senior academic leader from each partner institution to engage and participate. This group provides opportunities for sharing strategies and approaches, collaborating, and learning.

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